Chicago Cop

A cop family thrillerChicagoCop (A cop family thriller)

Don’t let them take what you love, baby girl.

In the middle of a cold February night in a crime-ridden neighborhood of Chicago, an unknown assailant shoots down a police officer.

Due to the tricky nature of the incident the Deputy Superintendent calls in tough-as-nails Lieutenant Maggie Delaney and her GUTS team to investigate. But when clues start to point to the Mob’s chief hit man, “The Meat Cleaver”–nicknamed after the vicious way he kills his victims–Maggie fears her past might be coming back to haunt her.

Two years ago she put away one of the most feared mob bosses in the history of the Chicago Outfit—the man who shot her father.

Maybe the Mob’s revenge didn’t die with the boss’s career. If her hunch is right, her team must find the killer before everyone close to her ends up dead.

This time it’s not business…it’s personal.

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