Delicious Torment

The second book in the emotional story of a stubborn loner looking MR2_12_1600for her stolen daughter.

What happens when your old flame turns out to be a killer?

At a ritzy steeplechase Miranda Steele discovers the body of a beautiful young horse breeder, her face brutally crushed by the hooves of her favorite stallion.
Torn between leaving town to search for her daughter and continuing to work for her sexy, ace investigator boss, Miranda doesn’t want to get involved. But when the dead woman’s sister begs her to take the case, Miranda can’t ignore her powerful need to set things right.

Even more puzzling, Parker is strangely aloof about the case, not at all like himself. As she looks into the incident against his wishes, Miranda begins to realize that her boss has a past he doesn’t want her to unearth.

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