Forever Mine

Just a little while longer and I’ll have everything I want…MR3_10_1600

After she left her abusive husband thirteen years ago, Miranda Steele became a fighter. Over the years, she picked up martial arts and street fighting tactics, and now that she works for the Parker Investigative Agency, she can handle a weapon.

But the battle with her inner demons? Not so easy.

Ace investigator Wade Parker feels more love for the feisty, impossible woman than ever. With her irascible spirit, her strength of will, her need to avenge the innocent, he knows they are kindred spirits. And when he takes her to Chicago, he hopes he can at last help her find her stolen daughter.

But in the town of her birth, Miranda must face her horrendous past. An experience that forces her to make one of the most momentous decisions of her life.

And now dead bodies start popping up again. With all the turmoil, can the feisty new detective stop an arrogant creep who just discovered how much he enjoys murdering women?

Or will she become his next victim?

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